Buyer’s Agreement

To avoid possible returns, please read the product description in full, including its Specifications and Review from other buyers.

You are welcome as a customer on our site We want to make your shopping experience easy and safe, as we want to protect your rights and the rights of our products owners. For this, we kindly urge you to comply with this Buyer's Agreement.

By accepting this Buyer's Agreement you confirm that:

  • You have read, understood and accepted all the provisions of the Terms & Conditions.
  • You have read, understood and accepted all the provisions of this Buyer's Agreement.
  • You have read, understood and accepted all the provisions of the Privacy Policy.
  • You accept all limitations imposed by the provisions set forth above when using the products on, and you voluntarily refuse (within the limits permitted by law) from any rights that may warrant the contrary to these limitations's obligations:

  • We keep confidential your identity, your personal information as described in the Privacy Policy and all actions you take on, including your purchases, costs, fees, preferences, to the best of our ability.
  • We provide you support for the entire purchase process.'s rights:

  • We keep you informed of any changes we make on this Website, including changes to the purchase process, payment methods, delivery terms, addition/change/cancellation of services. We will endeavor to inform you about the addition/change/deletion of products on the Website. Even if we do our best, we do not guarantee that our services and products will be continuously available.
  • We may apply sales restrictions depending on the country, location or other criteria, for various reasons such as legal basis, logistical issues or any other reasonable.

Buyer's obligations:

  • to comply with all the provisions imposed by this Website, including this Buyer's Agreement, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return and Refund Policy.
  • to fully pay the products purchased from, including taxes and duties related to the purchase. The latter's may vary depending on the country or region in which you live.
  • to fill in the required forms with truthful personal information and assume responsibility for errors made in filling out.
  • to maintain the integrity of purchased products, including not circumventing, destroying, deleting information we use to preserve the copyright of the products. This includes, but is not limited to: deleting or making invisible by any means the copyright signs, the names of authors, publishers and other proprietors, copying and multiplication for others etc.;
  • respect any other copyrights which refer to the purchased products.

Buyer's rights:

  • to obtain technical support on the purchase process in case you encounter difficulties in placing an order.
  • to request the return, substitute of the product eligible for return or credit, refund of their cost.

How to shop.

To purchase, follow these steps:

  1. Find the desired product and click on its name or image.
  2. See product images, read the description and the reviews of other buyers, see the price (per piece and for large quantity).
  3. If you are satisfied with what you have read, choose the quantity, the product options (if any) and press the "Add to Cart" button.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all desired products. You can view your Shopping Cart at any time at the top right corner of the page.
  5. Go to "Shopping Cart" and check the selected products, product quantities, their prices and the total cost of the purchase. The total cost is calculated from: the price of the selected products, the cost of order processing, the cost of deliveries, specific taxes or discounts (based on quantity), discounts applied on vouchers and coupons.
  6. To preview the total cost it is necessary to estimate the shipping cost and taxes and apply the voucher by pressing the respective buttons.
  7. Click "Checkout" and fill in the required fields:
    • Billing details – payer's name and address for checking and confirming payment;
    • Delivery details – the order will be delivered to this recipient on this address;
    • Delivery method – choose your preferred delivery, prices may vary depending on weight, volume, quantity (more about delivery read here);
    • Payment method.
  8. At the end, check the final version of the Total cost of the order and press the "Confirm order" button. You will be redirected to the payment page of the chosen payment system.
  9. Follow the instructions on the payment system page.
  10. If the payment is completed successfully, you will be redirected to the order confirmation page. From this moment we start processing the placed order. You can check the status of the order in the Order History. At this time the placed order will have the status "Processing".
  11. In case the payment was not completed successfully, the order will have the status "Pending".
  12. After successful payment, the order will be shipped by selected method.
  13. When receiving the order, in the presence of the courier (postal worker, etc.), carefully check the integrity of the parcel packaging, the recipient's details and, if applicable, the contents of the package. If there are signs of damage or unpacking of the package, refuse to receive it and notify Customer Service of what has happened.
  14. Once the order is successfully delivered, its status will become "Complete".

How to use purchased products.

Any product that you buy from can only be used for personal purpose.

For example, if you are a teacher and you wants to use a publication during the lesson, then you can unlimited use a single product. But if you want to use a publication for 15 students in the class, you do not have the right to multiply its contents to the copier, but it is necessary to purchase 15 copies of the product. Discounts are provided for such purchases.

If you buy an product as a gift for another person, that person must be aware of this Buyer's Agreement and share with you the responsibility for any violations that may be committed. You are responsible for forwarding and informing them of this Buyer Agreement.

This agreement will be subject to change periodically, so read it again with each new purchase. We will notify you about these changes on our homepage and by e-mail.